5 Motorcycle Rides Near Bear, Delaware

Explore these scenic thrills on your Harley-Davidson

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Trying to find some of the top motorcycle trails around Delaware and the Tri-State area? In this blog post, we go over some of the most visited and traveled motorcycle rides around Bear, Delaware that will allow you to push your Harley-Davidson to its truest limits.

After reading about these rides around Bear, you will be calling all of the Harley-Davidson riders and enthusiasts you know that are seeking the perfect blend of scenic beauty and exhilarating rides! While Bear, Delaware might be known for its charming suburban appeal, it is also a gateway to some of the most beautiful scenic motorcycle trails in the Tri-State area.

Whether you are craving those tight winding roads, wanting to see incredible scenic landscapes, or look over at the beautiful coastal views, we have rounded up some of the top motorcycle rides in Delaware that are tailor-made for your Harley-Davidson journeys ahead.

1. Delaware Coast Short Run

Best for: Relaxed Cruising

The Delaware Coast Short Run is a perfect motorcycle ride for anyone and everyone who wants to take their Harley-Davidson out for a quick ride along the Delaware River. This ride includes a quiet two-lane road that runs you right along the Delaware Bay Coast while passing through coastal estuaries and farmland.

What is great about this motorcycle trail is that it has enough windy roads to really challenge you on your cornering, but enough straights to allow you to let loose and open up the power of your Harley.

From the Air Mobility Museum located on the Dover End to the Reedy Point Bridge as you start to enter Del City, there are tons of great things that will certainly catch your eye. While out on your ride, be aware of the several start-and-stop spots for you to take out a camera and take pictures of the beautiful scenery all around.

2. Delaware Coastal Highway Cruise

Best for: Road Glide Harleys

For those who love the allure of coastal scenery, the Delaware Coastal Highway Cruise is a must-ride. Glide along the coast in your Harley while feeling the cool ocean breeze on your face as you soak in stunning waterfront views and sunshine.

A Harley-Davidson Road Glide, known for its aerodynamic design and smooth handling, is an ideal motorcycle for this trail, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable coastal ride the entire time.

We believe that riders will want to:

  1. Start out by heading to Cape Henlopen State Park.
  2. Afterwards, head southwest on Hwy 9 down to Route 1 (also known as Coastal Highway).
  3. From there, riders will want to take a left and begin to head south down the coast.
  4. Take this all the way down to Ocean City and soak in everything the Delaware Coastal Highway has to offer!

3. Delaware US Hwy 113

Best for: Long-Distance Touring

Looking for even more scenic views? How about the Delaware US Hwy 113 trail, which offers extraordinary views thanks to the passing of several state parks, farms, and much more!

The Delaware US Hwy 113 offers an incredibly smooth ride with nice, flat roads almost all the way throughout the trail. We recommend considering a long distance, touring-type of Harley-Davidson motorcycle to stay comfortable for the lengthy ride ahead.

If you start in Milford, Delaware, riders can then take US Hwy 113 and head south through Delaware, running into Maryland and continuing to the Virginia Border. Many riders consider the end of this ride to be Pocomoke City, allowing you to see Redden State Forest, Shad Landing State Park and Pocomoke River State Forest along the trail.

4. Brandywine Loop

Best for: Twisty Road Enthusiasts

For riders who crave the thrill of tight twists and turns, the Brandywine Loop delivers just that and more. This route offers a ton of exhilarating bends through lush greenery and alongside the Brandywine River.

A Harley-Davidson Dyna, with its precise handling and classic styling, is a perfect match for this dynamic ride.

The Brandywine Loop also offers a lot in terms of tourism to the riders that travel along its roads. Whether it is the incredible views you want to see and capture, take a stroll along the river, or stop for some food and drinks, there are plenty of great spots to check out along the way.

What is also really nice about the Brandywine Loop is that there are essentially two different types of the same route. Depending on how much time you want to spend out riding, you can actually cut the Brandywine Loop trail short.

Riders can accomplish this by taking Highway 52 instead of continuing through Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania up to Pocopson and taking Highway 926, allowing riders to not have to endure as much distance. The choice is yours - are you willing to go the full distance?

5. New Castle Forest

Best for: Short-Distance Experiences

For riders looking for something quick and in-state all the way through, we recommend checking out the New Castle Forest ride. This route takes a road less traveled through Pike Creek and Hockessin along two relatively windy roads, giving riders a nice break from the main day-to-day scenery of New Castle County.

With several gentle bends, sharp corners, and beautiful forest scenery all around, it is no wonder why people enjoy riding this route.

Not to mention, this motorcycle trail takes you along the heart of New Castle County, allowing riders to stop for gas, food, drinks, and much more if need be.

Anything that is wanted while out riding can be achieved by going towards the south end of the loop on Kirkwood Highway. From groceries stores to good restaurants and entertainment, this makes New Castle Forest a very enjoyable ride.

Remember, no matter which trail you choose, safety should always be a priority when out riding. Make sure to wear proper riding gear and protection, perform regular and routine maintenance on your Harley, and closely follow all traffic rules while out riding.

At our Harley-Davidson dealership in Bear, Delaware, we are more than just a place to find your dream bike. We are also your go-to resource for discovering the best motorcycle trails and routes that this region has to offer. So, fuel up your Harley, rev up your engine, and get ready to get out there on these thrilling motorcycle trails in Delaware that will create lasting memories forever. We hope to see you on the open roads!

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